Scaling and Root Planing in St. Armands, Venice, and Englewood, FL

Scaling and root planing are non-surgical and non-invasive periodontal therapies. If you have gum disease, our dentists near you will likely recommend scaling and root planing as the first-line of treatment. Gum disease is a severe condition that can lead to tooth loss if not addressed in good time.

Some apparent symptoms of gum disease include loose teeth, gum recession, bad breath, unexplained bleeding, and toothache. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, contact our dentists in St. Armands, Venice, and Englewood, FL, immediately. With timely intervention, you can recover from gum disease and go on to enjoy excellent oral health.

What to Expect

Patients with gum disease suffer from inflammation and infection of their gum tissues, usually due to the accumulation of plaque and tartar. Plaque is the sticky material that forms when unhealthy oral bacteria break down sugars in your mouth.

Scaling involves removing plaque and tartar from your teeth, thus eliminating the culprits behind gum disease. For this process, the dentist or dental hygienist uses a dental scaling tool to remove all harmful deposits. Next, the dentist smooths your tooth roots to allow easy re-attachment of your gum tissue and prevent re-adherence of bacteria. This process of smoothing the roots is known as root planing.

To perform this process effectively, the dentist may choose to use the quadrant method, where we clean a quadrant consisting of several teeth at a time.

Scaling and root planing aren’t painful procedures. Depending on the dentist’s assessment, you may undergo the process with or without anesthesia. If you experience dental anxiety, it’s best to share this information with your dentist so we can arrange for measures to keep you calm and relaxed.

In some cases, patients require a locally applied antibiotic to combat microbial growth and reduce periodontal pockets.

You may require multiple scaling and root planing sessions to regain your oral well-being if the severity of the disease calls for the same.

After-care and Recovery

If you’re considering scaling and root planing near you, you’re most likely curious about what to expect of the healing and recovery process. It’s essential to appreciate that every patient is unique. Our dentists are in the best position to advise on the healing and recovery timelines after evaluating your needs.

Some standard scaling and root planing aftercare guidelines include:

  • Avoid alcohol and spicy foods until healing is complete
  • Stay away from tobacco products for at least 72 hours.
  • Brush your teeth lightly with a soft brush, and use the mouth rinse recommended by the dentist.
  • Observe all the aftercare instructions issued by the dentist.

Are you struggling with gum disease and are afraid that maybe it’s too late to seek care? It’s never too late. At Tarpon Shores Dental, we offer comprehensive and personalized gum disease treatment, including scaling and root planing in St. Armands, Venice, and Englewood, FL. Contact Tarpon Shores Dental today to schedule an appointment with one of our dentists near you.