Fluoride Treatment in St. Armands, Venice, and Englewood, FL

At Tarpon Shores Dental, we are happy to offer fluoride treatments after your regular exam and cleaning or during a separate visit. You may be under the impression that fluoride treatments were only for children. Many dentists recommend fluoride treatments for adults as well.

Our dentists near you offer a comprehensive range of preventive and restorative dental treatments including root canal, teeth whitening, crowns, veneers, braces and much more.

Fluoride Treatment for Adults

It can be especially beneficial for adults who are at moderate to high risk for tooth decay and cavities. Adults experience gum recession, which is a natural effect of aging. However, receding gums often increase the risk of cavities as tooth roots become more exposed. Roots are softer compared to the harder surface of tooth enamel and they are more susceptible to bacterial action.

Similarly, certain medications may reduce saliva production which in turn increases risks for cavities. Fluoride treatments are also recommended for adults who get restorations like crowns. It can help protect the edges of the restoration from decay. If you have any restorations done within the last year due to new decay, you may be at higher risk of cavities.

Schedule an appointment with Tarpon Shores Dental today to evaluate your risk level for cavities. Adults of any age can benefit from fluoride treatments.

Additional Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Untreated cavities can be painful, uncomfortable and cause a lot of problems with speaking and chewing. Food particles, for example, may get lodged in the empty space every time you try to eat.

Consuming a diet high in acidic foods and excessive use of teeth whitening products can cause heightened tooth sensitivity. Fluoride treatment can reduce sensitivity by re-mineralizing tooth enamel.

Why take unnecessary risks with your oral health? Fluoride treatment takes only a few minutes to complete and provides added protection against cavities. Patients who undergo radiation or chemotherapy experience reduced saliva flow and can greatly benefit from topical fluoride treatment.

Please contact Tarpon Shores Dental in St. Armands, Venice, or Englewood, FL for more information about safe and effective fluoride treatment near you.