Emergency Dentistry in St. Armands, Venice, and Englewood, FL

Are you experiencing mouth pain or discomfort? Have you suffered a dental trauma? If so, it is essential to distinguish between a dental emergency and a less urgent issue. Some oral health concerns can wait for medical attention. Here’s what you should know about dental problems and when you should see an emergency dentist.

What is a Dental Emergency?

To determine if emergency dentistry is needed, first ask yourself a few basic questions. Are you bleeding or in severe pain? Have you knocked out a tooth? Are any of your teeth lose? In fact, a loose tooth is a critical concern even without pain.

Do you have an abscess or any other signs of infection? Have you noticed swelling on your gums or face?

For the most part, any mouth condition that requires immediate treatment to end severe pain, control bleeding, or save an injured tooth is a dental emergency. This also applies to harmful infections. Without medical attention, severe infection can lead to a loss of life.

So, if you have any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to call Tarpon Shores Dental in St. Armands, Venice, or Englewood, FL.

When is an Emergency Dentist Visit Unnecessary?

If the issue does not demand immediate care, it is not a dental emergency. In some cases, a problem may seem dangerous, but a dental visit can wait a day or so with proper self-care.

For instance, a fractured, cracked, or chipped tooth is a dental emergency if the pain is severe. Immediate treatment is also needed if sharp fragments are left inside the oral cavity. However, if a damaged tooth does not hurt, you can wait to see your dentist.

Mild to moderate tooth pain can also wait for a scheduled appointment. This is true if the pain is not unbearable, and you don’t have a fever, swelling, or other signs of infection.

Also, if you have lost or damaged dental work, you can probably wait a few days to see your dentist— Call Tarpon Shores Dental for first aid instructions at the first sign of trouble.

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