If you are looking for a way to get a new crown without having to make multiple trips to the dentist, CEREC crowns may be a good option for you. CEREC crowns are made using a digital process that allows the dentist near you to create the crown in a single visit.

What are CEREC crowns?

CEREC crowns are made of porcelain or zirconia. They are bonded to the tooth using a special adhesive. CEREC crowns are very natural-looking and can last for many years.

How do CEREC crowns work?

The CEREC process begins with the dentist taking a digital impression of the tooth. This impression is then sent to a computer, where the crown is designed. The crown is then milled out of porcelain or zirconia using a special machine, and the dentist near you bonds the crown to the tooth. This process is usually done in one visit.

Benefits of CEREC crowns

There are several benefits to getting CEREC crowns, including:

  • They can be done in a single visit.
  • They are very natural-looking.
  • They can last for many years.
  • They are more affordable than traditional crowns.

CEREC 1-visit crowns represent the future of efficient and high-quality dental care. If you’re in the St. Armands, Venice, and Englewood areas, you have access to local dental professionals who offer CEREC crowns near you. Whether you’re searching for a dental office in Venice, St. Armands, or Englewood, you’re taking the first step toward experiencing the convenience and excellence that CEREC technology brings.

Don’t wait to discover the benefits of streamlined dental care. Embrace the power of CEREC 1-visit crowns today.

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CEREC 1-Visit Crowns are created in-office – while you wait, in a single visit. Created using advanced CAD/CAM technology, the tooth is imaged, and then your permanent crown is created. The process takes under two hours at a dentist near you.

Rather than wearing a temporary crown for several weeks, CEREC crowns are ready to go when you are.

CEREC crowns can also match your teeth well with 17 different crown colors available and fitting and adjustments made all in the same day.

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