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If you need a crown, you should know that traditional crowns aren’t your only option. CEREC 1-Visit Crowns are worth considering, and they offer many benefits. Contact our dentists near you for more details about this option.

What Are CEREC 1-Visit Crowns?

As dental technology changes, it can be difficult to keep up. For this reason, you may want to learn about what CEREC 1-Visit Crowns are and how they work. If you have a cracked or broken tooth, you no longer have to wait weeks to have it repaired.

CEREC 1-Visit Crowns are created with advanced CAD/CAM technology. The tooth is imaged, and the permanent crown is created. Shortly after, the crown can be placed on your tooth. This happens in a single appointment.

Benefits of CEREC 1-Visit Crowns

There are a couple of different types of crowns. CEREC 1-Visit Crowns are growing in popularity due to all of their benefits. If you’re trying to decide which type of crowns to get, keep these benefits in mind.

The main reason that patients are choosing CEREC 1-Visit Crowns is that they are quick and easy. The whole process takes about two hours and is done in a single appointment. With traditional crowns, you may wear temporary crowns for several weeks.

When our dentists are taking pictures for the CAD/CAM machine, you will experience less discomfort than you would with the traditional crown process.

CEREC crowns can also match your teeth better. This is because there are 17 different crown colors available.

As the crown is fitted, you will be at our office. This gives you the opportunity to share your opinion of the crown, how it fits, and more.

CEREC crowns can also be more durable and look better than traditional crown options.

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