Pros of Cosmetic Dentistry Englewood FL

Pros of Cosmetic Dentistry Englewood FL

Aug 08, 2023

If your teeth are too large, crooked, or too small, getting cosmetic dentistry Englewood FL is an effective solution. Cosmetic dentists help patients transform the smiles that they are proud to show off. They provide services like porcelain veneers, dental cleanings, teeth bleaching, etc. But every treatment is not right for every person. Depending on your preferences, the expert will help you choose the suitable cosmetic dental treatment.

Advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry

Let us explore the pros of visiting a cosmetic dental clinic near you:

  1. Gives Better Oral Health

Cosmetic dentistry creates even and straight teeth that are easy to floss and brush. They also have minimal areas where plaque can accumulate. It indicates better overall dental health.

a) Prevents Decay

Crooked teeth make them tough to clean. It enhances the risk of tooth decay. A big cavity in the mouth fractures with time. A dental crown can help you save that tooth and prevent jawbone loss.

b) Minimize the Risk of Gum Diseases 

Crowded teeth make it hard to clean between them. When gum inflammation occurs in excess, the gums start pulling away from teeth and creating bacterial pockets. These pockets damage the tissue and bone that keep your teeth in their position. Getting cosmetic dental treatments from Shanaka L. Weerasooriya DMD will help you avoid gingivitis and other serious gum diseases.

c) Address Misalignment of Teeth

Misaligned bites and teeth result in numerous health problems – tooth grinding, jaw ache, headaches, etc. It makes it challenging for you to chew food and speak. Treating them as soon as possible with both Invisalign and traditional orthodontics can effectively fix misalignment problems. It will extend the durability of your teeth and make you comfortable by preventing negative consequences.

  1. Treats Staining

Although many people desire gleaming white teeth, they collect surface stains that make them discolored. Today, there are multiple cosmetic dental treatments (like veneers and in-office teeth whitening) that can restore teeth to their original color.

  1. Prevents Future Issues

Another benefit of cosmetic dentistry is it prevents future issues. For example, dental bonding is an effective solution to repair cracks in teeth. The veneer procedure shields teeth from future damage. The cosmetic dentist Englewood will explain the pros and cons of every cosmetic dental procedure and help you pick the suitable treatment for you.

  1. Provide Long-lasting Results

The outcome of cosmetic dentistry is visible instantly. The effects usually remain for a long period. Few procedures will keep your smile looking at its best for one decade or more without retreatment. The cosmetic dentist at Tarpon Shores Dental – Englewood will help to fabricate a tailored treatment plan for you using their skills and experience.

  1. Keep Your Smile Looking Young

With age, our gums and teeth start displaying the symptoms of wear and tear. Gum receding exposes more teeth to external elements. Furthermore, when enamel becomes thin, it increases the risk of staining on teeth. Few cosmetic treatments such as teeth bleaching can reverse the aging effects on the teeth.

You can even lengthen your teeth using dental veneers, crowns, and bonding procedures to make them appear minimally worn down. So when you have a white smile, it ultimately makes you look more youthful.

  1. Improve Career Opportunities

Whether you are meeting someone new or interviewing someone for job-related reasons, a sparkling smile will help you create a good impression and make you look more approachable. It provides a competitive edge when it comes to career opportunities. Employers are more likely to recruit a candidate with an alluring and healthy appearance.

  1. Short Recovery Time 

Cosmetic dental treatments have a short recovery time. The process of bonding or porcelain veneers has no recovery time at all. It will let you drink or eat your desired things within several days.

  1. Replace Broken, Strangely Shaped, or Missing Teeth

If you have low self-esteem due to your strangely shaped tooth, chipped tooth, or broken tooth, a skilled dentist in Englewood will help you fix them easily. It will make you look dazzling, eat better and feel better.

  1. Prevent Health Issues

The bad dental health of an individual affects the overall health too. For example – gum disease and other dental health problems make a person more prone to the risk of health issues like heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy complications, etc. Cosmetic dentistry does not just protect oral health but overall health too.