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About our ST. Armands Dental Office

We know that it’s difficult to find a dental office that focuses on providing a relaxing atmosphere alongside high-value dental care. Luckily for people in St. Armands, it’s now possible to enjoy these qualities right here at home! Please call today to schedule your appointment.

High-Tech, Comfortable Experiences

Tarpon Shores Dental is a modern dental office that has a focus on restorative care. Dr. Shanaka Weerasooriya is a highly experienced clinician with extensive knowledge of modern techniques and materials. He uses digital X-ray systems, computers, lasers, dental implants, and CEREC one-visit porcelain crown technology on a daily basis while providing his patients with fully comprehensive care.

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Paperless Charting

To increase the efficiency of Tarpon Shores Dental, we use paperless charting. It’s better for the environment because it reduces our dependency on paper, and our patients enjoy knowing that their records won’t be misplaced.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras can be used during your exam to show you the condition of your teeth and any problem areas that may be found. Your Tarpon Shores Dental staff can show you areas of concern by linking the intraoral camera to a chairside monitor, which will display the recordings. We like to use this equipment to better facilitate the discussion of your planned treatment.

All-Digital X-Rays

The Tarpon Shores Dental team knows that dental problems often occur in places obscured from our view. To increase our chances of catching such problems, we’ll take digital X-rays of your entire mouth. Our dental office prefers the use of these machines to traditional X-rays as the equipment reduces your rate of exposure to harmful radiation by up to 90%. This system also eliminates water and chemical waste into our environment.

Soft-Tissue Lasers

Our St. Armands dental office has a variety of dental lasers to help us care for our patients. If you need advanced gum treatment or even laser gum contouring, Tarpon Shores Dental can assist you with these procedures.

World-Class Patient Amenities

We like for everyone who visits us to be able to relax. Thinking about heading to the dentist’s office shouldn’t fill you with dread, but unfortunately, dental anxiety is very common. The team at Tarpon Shores Dental understands this, which is why we offer anxiety-free dentistry. Talk to our St. Armands team to learn more about how we can take the stress out of your dental care.

Our comforts include:

  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Coffee bars
  • TVs in every examination room
  • Pillows
  • Blankets

High-Quality Lab Work, Made in America

All of our dental restorations are manufactured by a local dental lab using only the finest materials. Other dental offices are willing to work with less reputable labs that provide cheaper products, but at Tarpon Shores Dental, your needs always come before our bottom line. Whether you’re getting a crown, bridge, denture, or dental implant restoration, you can rest assured that it was made right here in America, and you’ll be able to rely on it for many years to come.