What Is Considered an Emergency Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

What Is Considered an Emergency Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Dec 20, 2022

Many people have their wisdom teeth extracted in their late teens or early twenties to avoid future complications. Others, however, cannot have their wisdom teeth extracted at this age and, therefore, might need to wait.

However, situations can sometimes arise where one may require emergency wisdom teeth extraction. If you are unsure about whether to wait or get your wisdom teeth extracted as soon as possible, look for the following signs and symptoms.

Five Emergency Wisdom Tooth Extraction Conditions to Watch Out For

When you cannot establish whether there is a need for your wisdom teeth to be extracted or if it can wait, you can look out for the following symptoms to help you make the right choice. Some of these symptoms that your dentist at 34285 may advise you to look out for include frequent or intense pain, infection, redness, swelling, bleeding, and tooth decay.

  • Frequent or Intense Pain

A mild or occasional toothache is generally not a cause for alarm. There are many other things that may cause occasional tooth pain. However, if you feel pain in the same area of your oral cavity, or if the pain is distracting and intense, it is time to see your dentist. If the pain appears from the back of your mouth, then your wisdom teeth are to be blamed and thus may need an emergency wisdom teeth removal.

The pain that is affecting you might be. As a result o pericoronitis. Since there isn’t enough space in your mouth for the wisdom teeth to come in just like your back molars would. The wisdom teeth often come in crooked and erupt through your gums. When the tissues around the erupting teeth are inflamed, pericoronitis occurs.

  • Infection

Since wisdom teeth do not have enough space to erupt properly, they often come up at odd angles through your gums. This causes pain and makes the tissues surrounding the wisdom teeth more vulnerable. Bacteria can squeeze through the spaces in these teeth that are not easy to be brushed. These areas that are difficult to brush and floss enables the building up of bacteria leading to infection.

Suppose you are practicing good dental hygiene, brushing daily, and are still noticing infection on the side of your wisdom teeth. In that case, it is time for emergency wisdom teeth removal at your dentist’s office in Venice, FL. Persistent infections may seriously damage your other teeth, jawbone, and gums and can affect neighboring areas like your eyes, nose, and brain.

  • Swelling and Redness

If you observe redness or swelling around the back of your mouth, your wisdom teeth may irritate your gum tissue. This symptom might also lead to infection, though it can be problematic and painful. In addition, as your wisdom teeth appear, they might push your gum tissue upward. This may make you bite down on your gum tissue while you are chewing foods, thus causing redness and swelling over time.

Swelling and redness indicate damage to your tissue, whether from force or bacterial attack. If your wisdom teeth ate the cause, the problem would not improve, and you have to visit your emergency dentist in Venice, FL, for an emergency wisdom tooth extraction.

  • Bleeding

Bleeding can accompany infection, raised gum tissue, damage from biting down, or other causes. Apart from the occasional tongue biting incident or lip biting, bleeding anywhere in your mouth is a bad sign. You should ensure that you see your dentist right away. If the bleeding s occurring at the back of your mouth, especially around impacted-wisdom teeth, it means that the impacted teeth are causing the damage. This indicates that you need to visit for an emergency wisdom tooth extraction.

  • Tooth Decay

Since wisdom teeth are far back in your mouth, it is not easy to brush band floss them and thus create some pockets for bacteria to thrive. When these bacteria s not cleaned, they start to eat your enamel, invading your tooth’s inner structures, thus leading to tooth decay and cavities.

Where Can You Get Emergency Wisdom Teeth Removal in Venice, FL?

If you have the above-mentioned symptoms, visit Tarpon Shore Dental – Venice. Dr. Eros Chaves DDS will help alleviate those symptoms by removing the wisdom teeth.