Tips To Find an Emergency Dentist

Tips To Find an Emergency Dentist

Jun 01, 2022

You can never effectively prevent a situation that requires immediate dental treatment. However, being prepared for such a scenario will give you a better chance of a positive outcome. The first step is to find an emergency dentist near you and gets their contact information. Continue reading for tips on finding an emergency dentist.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any problem involving teeth and their supporting tissues. Prompt treatment is required to address and eliminate the problem. Emergencies are hardly preventable. You can be crunching candy and fracture or break a tooth. A child can fall from a bike and sustain dental injuries. An emergency may also be caused by improper oral care.

Why Do I Need an Emergency Dentist?

When you reach the office of the emergency dentist in 34223, they will first carry out an initial exam. Then, the evaluation will be based on your symptoms for the most appropriate treatments. Then, the dentist performs the necessary procedures to rectify the issue, giving relief.

In a dental emergency, time is of the essence. Getting the proper dental treatment on time ensures a better chance to repair the damage. In addition, an emergency dentist will help relieve pain, prevent infections and save the tooth. The expert will also help prevent complications arising from the problem.

Finding the Right Emergency Dentist

A regular dentist can be trained, certified, and licensed to deal with dental emergencies. Such a dentist is known as an emergency dentist. When searching for one, ensure that they are qualified to offer emergency services.

Getting prompt treatment may determine between saving and losing a tooth. Therefore you need an emergency dentist whom you can reach easily. Their dental practice must be located near where you live or work.

An emergency dentist provides emergency treatments alongside other dental services. When searching for an emergency dentist in Englewood, get one who provides all services. Find out if your family dentist offers both instead of going to a different dentist. That way, they will be familiar with your needs during an emergency.

Before finding an emergency dentist, review your dental plan. Check if and how they cover dental emergencies. Evaluate how much they pay for emergency dental services and the out-of-pocket costs. Therefore, when searching, look for an emergency dentist that accepts your dental insurance.

Common Types of Dental Emergencies

  1. A severe toothache that is not alleviated with pain medications is a dental emergency. Do not hesitate if the toothache goes numb on its own. This may signify serious infections that spread if not treated promptly.
  2. You can fracture or break a tooth due to dental trauma or injury. Seek emergency treatment if the break or fracture causes severe pain. This indicates that the dental pulp is damaged due to excessive force and must be treated. You should also seek immediate dental care if the teeth feel loose or wiggle. The dentist will prevent nerve and jaw damage.
  3. Seek immediate treatment if you have swelling around the jaws, neck, and face. Although it may appear non-threatening, do not ignore it as it may be due to severe issues. The dentist will determine the cause and provide suitable treatment.
  4. Dental emergencies include severe inflammation of the soft oral tissues around an impacted tooth. This is known as Pericoronitis.
  5. A patient can also have limited jaw movement caused by Trismus, a jaw disorder. Jaw disorders and fractures that inhibit mouth movement are dental emergencies.
  6. Some dental emergencies involve orthodontic appliances. The patient may ingest or inhale small dental appliances leading to airway obstruction. Rush for immediate dental care if the patient has symptoms of pain or vomiting.
  7. When your tooth gets completely knocked out of its socket, it is an emergency.
  8. Severe dental infections that spread to other parts of the mouth and the body, such as Cellulitis are emergencies.
  9. Call your emergency dentist if you experience uncontrolled bleeding. The bleeding may be due to dental trauma or post-operative complications.

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