Things You Need To Know About Implant-retained Dentures

Things You Need To Know About Implant-retained Dentures

Oct 05, 2021

Missing single or multiple teeth can affect your smile and hinder you from eating your favorite foods. Apart from these, you can suffer bone loss. Although there are several teeth replacement options, implant-retained dentures prove to be a durable solution that can restore your natural biting force.

In this article, we discuss implant-retained dentures in detail. Kindly follow through!

What Are Implant-retained Dentures?

Implant-retained dentures are simply dentures held in place by dental implants. These dentures have a stable function, and they are removable for easy cleaning. Implant-retained dentures are especially suitable for people with multiple missing teeth but still have enough jaw bone mass to support the implants.

When Are Implant-Retained Dentures Necessary?

Several complications can arise after losing natural teeth, making it difficult to speak clearly or chew foods. Apart from losing some teeth, other teeth may start shifting, causing discomfort in your mouth and jaw.

Implant-retained dentures near you can replace missing teeth in the upper and lower jaw. The dentures provide a secure, natural-looking solution that is much more convenient than traditional dentures and functions like natural teeth.

Why Should You Get Implant-retained Dentures Near You?

If you have multiple missing teeth, implant-retained dentures are your best bet. They are much more improved than traditional dentures, and they offer benefits including;

  • Eliminating slips and irritation. The implant-retained dentures stabilize your jawbone and allow you to chew, smile, and speak without worrying about your dentures slipping.
  • Preserving the jawbone. Missing teeth can slowly deteriorate the jawbone because there is no root stimulation. Implant-retained dentures replace tooth roots and crowns and stimulate new bone growth, keeping the jaw strong.
  • Long-term teeth replacement. Due to the combination of the durability of dental implants and dentures, implant-retained dentures can last a lifetime, making them a cost-effective solution. All you need do is maintain proper oral hygiene and go for regular dental exams.
  • Improving biting force. Although dentures don’t feel like your natural teeth, they function like it. Implant-retained dentures can help you regain about 70% of your natural biting force, allowing you to enjoy your favorite meals.
  • Successful procedure. Regardless of the number of missing teeth, there is a 95% success rate for implant-retained dentures.

Implants Retained Dentures Procedure

Before getting implants retained dentures, you have to consult with a dentist in the 34285 area to know the best dentures for you. C. Romesh Weerasooriya will examine your medical records during consultations and take X-rays and impressions of your teeth and gums. This examination helps a dentist in Venice know the best location for the implants and make models of your teeth structure. Next comes the procedure, which is in stages.

During the first stage, the dentist near you incisions on the gums to place implants in the jaw bone. After stitching up the incision, the dentist places a temporary denture to take pressure off your gums. This procedure may take about six months to heal.

After healing, the dentist in the 34285 area checks If the jawbone is fused properly with the implants. Afterward, the dentist exposes the head of each implant before placing healing caps over each of them. After a few weeks of healing, the dentist near you replaces the caps with abutment and also takes impressions of the tooth and jaw structure to craft a suitable denture. At the final stage, you get your dentures.


If you have multiple missing teeth, you may consider getting dentures. However, traditional dentures can slip and also cause some discomfort. Implant-retained dentures are a better solution that uses dental implants to support dentures. They improve your bite, speech, and appearance.

Do you have missing teeth? Are you looking for a durable solution that allows you to eat your favorite foods? Emergency dentists in Venice are available to attend to you. It would help if you visited a dentist in Venice for consultations on the best implant-retained dentures for you.