The Importance of Having an Emergency Dentist

The Importance of Having an Emergency Dentist

Feb 01, 2023

You have friends around the town that you occasionally visit for a coffee or a drink. However, have you ever considered the importance of having an emergency dentist as an acquaintance? You probably think dental emergencies are inconsequential and unnecessarily subjected to the expenditure and stress of visiting dentists.

After reading this article, you will start thinking differently about why you must establish contact with an emergency dentist to ensure you have a dentist willing to help you whenever affected by any dental situation. Kindly continue reading to learn more about the essentiality of having an emergency dentist as an acquaintance.

Contact Your Emergency Dentist Instead of Visiting the Hospital Emergency Room

What is your first thought when you or your family member confront a dental emergency? You probably think you can visit the nearby hospital emergency room requesting treatment for a dental problem. Unfortunately, emergency rooms do not have the staff or the infrastructure to manage dental emergencies. In fact, they will provide some painkillers to alleviate your pain and redirect you to an emergency dentist for appropriate treatment of the condition affecting you.

However, if you have established contact with an emergency dentist and call them for help during a problematic dental situation, you head to a professional with knowledge about dental anatomy and the infrastructure to deal with such cases to provide precise remedies to help alleviate your stress, pain, and possibly preserve your tooth.

There Is No Reason to Suffer in Silence

Why should you or your family member suffer in silence if you have an emergency dentist willing to provide services in the evenings or on holidays? Suffering in silence ensures you allow the dental situation to aggravate to need intensive treatments later. Instead, if you visit the emergency dentist immediately, you receive the necessary treatment that helps overcome the condition affecting you.

Examples of Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are unlike each other and are never similar. For example, the most common dental emergencies include:

  • Toothaches.
  • Broken or loose fillings and crowns.
  • Dental abscesses.
  • Occasionally a knocked-out tooth from impacts on the mouth or accidents.

Toothaches result from food particles trapped between your teeth or untreated cavities that need treatment from the emergency dentist near you to alleviate the pain or fill the hole. You can try flossing your teeth to remove food particles, but filling cavities is practically impossible, especially if it has advanced into a severe condition.

Untreated cavities left for long without attention can also make you vulnerable to developing a dental abscess near your tooth roots. A dental abscess is a life-threatening condition that needs emergency dental care from a dentist and no other professional. Dentists with thorough knowledge of your teeth can assess the severity of the damage in your tooth by taking x-rays and recommending root canals to eliminate an infection inside your tooth. Without treatment, the dental abscess results in complications throughout your body, making you vulnerable to health issues and needing treatment from different medical professionals.

Loose or lost crowns also need treatment by an emergency dentist to help prevent additional damage to the tooth it protects. The sooner you get the restorations replaced, the better for your dental health because your mouth bacteria constantly work to create more damage to the affected tooth.

Prompt Treatment for Dental Emergencies

Some dental emergencies like a knocked-out tooth need prompt treatment if you wish to preserve your natural tooth. Receiving the treatment immediately by reaching the dental office in Venice with the tooth maintained in a moist condition helps the dentist reinsert it into its socket by splinting it to the adjacent tooth, allowing its roots to reattach in a couple of months. The treatment is needed within 30 minutes, making it essential for you to rush through the visit to the dentist or consider tooth replacement solutions at high prices if you delay the treatment.

Address the Problem Now to Prevent the Problems from Worsening Later

Whenever you or your family member confronts a dental problem, you must have the issue addressed immediately by the dentist in Venice to prevent the situation from worsening, which it does sooner or later.

If an untreated cavity can expand to reach the soft center of your tooth, the dental pulp, a missing tooth can also make you vulnerable to the consequences of tooth loss. Therefore you must adhere to the advice of Paul Stein, DMD, to address the problem immediately without overlooking it and allowing it to worsen sooner instead of later.

If you don’t have an acquaintance with an emergency dentist, we suggest you contact Tarpon Shore Dental providing emergency dental services upon arrival at their practice whenever confronting a dental situation. The acquaintance satisfies your need to have an additional friend to help with dental problems that might strike you or your family member at any time of the day or night.