Jun 24, 2019

With school being out for the summer, it’s hard to get your little ones into a new routine. They may want to take a vacation from their oral hygiene, but developing a new schedule for them can keep their oral hygiene and overall health on the right track. It’s no surprise that your children look up to you and are curious when they see you practicing healthy habits like brushing and flossing. Leading by example and educating them on how important oral health is can encourage them to build lifelong healthy habits. Keeping their smiles happy and bright into adulthood starts with a visit to your dentist in Englewood. Read on for 4 ways to engage your children in taking care of their little pearly whites.

Fun oral hygiene supplies

Next time you go to the store to pick up toothpaste and a new toothbrush, try taking your little one along and allow them to choose their own supplies. There are so many oral hygiene products specially designed to engage children in brushing and flossing that you may find it’s just what they need to get excited about cleaning their mouth!

They can choose from a variety of products that have their favorite cartoon characters on them, or fun patterns and colors. Also, children’s toothpaste and mouthwash come in exciting flavors that may be more appealing to them, like watermelon and strawberry.

Rewarding healthy behavior

Sometimes, you may repeatedly tell your child to get to the bathroom to brush and floss before bed. You can develop a reward system that keeps track of when they complete their oral hygiene routine. When they do it twice a day for an entire week without being asked, allow them a small reward like getting to choose the board game for family game night. Other fun incentives that don’t involve sweets are trips to the park, a sleepover with a friend, or a special sticker.

Follow the leader

When you brush your teeth every night and morning, involving your child by showing them the proper techniques can give them the knowledge they need for a healthy smile into adulthood. Teaching them about why you brush and floss and how they can keep their teeth bright and happy can encourage them to keep up with their daily routine. It’s no surprise that they’d want to take after their parent, who they look up to.

Take them for their semi-annual checkup and cleaning

One of the best ways to help your little one gain the knowledge they need to want to take care of their oral health is to schedule their regular checkups and cleanings with their dentist. If your child is struggling with their oral hygiene, your dentist can offer tips and advice that turns their hesitation into excitement. Also, professional cleanings can help prevent problems like cavities and tooth decay.

Keeping your children focused on taking care of their oral hygiene during the summer can be rough. They’re focused on playing with friends and going on family trips, but you can encourage great habits by taking the time to show them why their mouth matters. This Oral Health Awareness Month, provide your child with a foundation for great preventive techniques by engaging them in fun activities!

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