Feb 07, 2019

Are you afraid of seeing a dentist? If so, you’re not alone! An estimated 30-40 million Americans avoid going to the dentist because of crippling fear or anxiety. Although there are many reasons for dental phobia, there are also safe, effective solutions that allow you to comfortably get the care you need. Keep reading below to find out how you can experience anxiety-free dentistry in Venice. You’ll also find out how oral conscious sedation works and the many benefits it provides. With this information, you’ll be one step closer to having the healthy smile you’ve always wanted – without fear!

How does oral conscious sedation work?

There are different types of sedation. The most common one is called oral conscious sedation, which has been safely and effectively used for many decades.

How does it work? You’ll simply take a prescription medication about an hour prior to your visit. The effects usually last between 4-6 hours, so you’ll need to have someone who can drive you to and from the dental office.

How will sedation affect you and what are the benefits?

The medication you take will make you feel deeply calm, relaxed, and content. The last thing you’ll be feeling is fear or anxiety!

Here are several additional benefits you can also expect:

  • Although you’ll be awake and aware (although maybe somewhat drowsy) throughout the procedure, many people don’t remember much of their visit afterward. This temporary “amnesia” is usually a welcomed bonus for people who don’t like the dentist!
  • You’ll have less tenderness and soreness after your procedure
  • If you have a strong gag reflex, it will be greatly minimized
  • Since you’re so much more relaxed, your dental team can often work more quickly, so your procedure is done (and over) faster

After getting home, many patients will fall asleep and wake up feeling calm and rested – with their dental procedure behind them.

Will oral conscious sedation work for you?

Sedation dentistry has enabled millions of people who were avoiding dental care to feel comfortable and secure in the dental chair. But, if you’d like to know if it’s right for you, you can always schedule a consultation with a sedation dentist in Venice.

Your oral health is incredibly important for your overall well-being, general health, and self-confidence. With sedation dentistry, you can finally achieve a healthy smile – minus the fear and anxiety you normally have. It’s a win-win!

About the author

Dr. R. Scott Thompson has 3 decades of experience as a general, restorative, and sedation dentist in Venice. With a friendly chairside manner and a commitment to professional excellence, he makes patient comfort a top priority in his practice. If you think you might benefit from anxiety-free dentistry and have any additional questions, you can reach Dr. Thompson via his website.