Information You Must Have about Tooth-Colored Fillings

Information You Must Have about Tooth-Colored Fillings

Aug 03, 2021

Are you scheduled for a dental visit and hoping the dentist won’t discover a cavity in your teeth? What if your luck doesn’t hold out, and the dentist finds a hole in your front teeth? You may worry about your smile being impacted and wonder how the dentist will restore the cavity. You will likely be surprised when the dentist informs you that tooth-colored fillings for front teeth help keep your smile intact without affecting your teeth.


Unlike the traditional variety, composite fillings blend gorgeously with your teeth make them appear flawless. Tooth-colored fillings are among the top procedures performed by dentist 34236, and it would help if you researched them to understand how your smile benefits by having them cover the cavities in your mouth.


What Happens If You Ignore Your Dentists Advise to Get the Cavity Restored?


You have the freedom to ignore the dentist’s advice has the cavity restored with tooth-colored fillings. Unfortunately, your decision can add up to more pain and more expensive dental treatments in the long run. When a cavity expands and can no longer be restored with composite resin, repairs of the tooth with inlays or Onlays become necessary. If the decay extends to the tooth’s pulp, you may need root canal therapy. Undergoing root canal therapy requires you to have the tooth restored with a customized crown.


You may decide to ignore the cavity altogether but must remember that the infection can spread in your mouth and even enter your bloodstream to adversely influence your overall health. Therefore it is highly essential to have six-monthly dental checkups with your dentist to ensure they detect and treat cavities before the problem worsens.


Aren’t Tooth-Colored Fillings Expensive?


Various factors determine your cost of getting a composite resin filling—the two main factors determining the cost of the diameter of the cavity and whether you need sedation. Treating cavities is a non-invasive procedure indicating it is usually performed under local anesthesia. However, if you suffer from dental anxiety or a gag reflex, you require sedation or oral conscious medication.


Instead of worrying about the costs of getting tooth-colored fillings near you, the better option is to inquire with your dental insurers whether you are covered for composite resin fillings. If you don’t have dental insurance, dentists offer convenient payment plans to help you fill the cavity with tooth-coloured fillings and avoid a visit to the emergency dentist in Sarasota to treat a complex problem.


Is It Possible to Prevent Cavities?


Preventing cavities is a more intelligent and affordable option than getting them filled. Unfortunately, everyone is susceptible to cavities, but there is a middle path you can choose to prevent them from developing in your mouth.


Scott Thompson, the Sarasota dentist, recommends the following measures to maintain your teeth and prevent cavities from developing:


Flossing Everyday


Cavities don’t merely occur on your molars but can also make their presence felt between your teeth and against your gum line. It is why flossing every day is crucial to ensure you get rid of food particles stuck between your teeth to help stimulate circulation in your gum tissue.


Preventive Options


If you are at a higher risk of developing cavities or merely want information on avoiding them, you can ask the dentist for preventive care options. For example, the dentist may recommend fluoride treatments or dental sealants to protect your teeth from the problem of tooth decay and cavities.


Six Monthly Dental Cleanings


An excellent home care regimen is sufficient to avoid cavities, but it is also essential that you get six-monthly dental cleanings without fail. During a professional cleaning, the hygienist will scale your teeth to clean areas of plaque and tartar buildup. Six monthly cleanings help your dentist to remove the buildup before it turns into decay.


Preventive Measures Don’t Help after Developing Cavities


If you already have a cavity in your teeth, inquiring about preventive measures will only assist in avoiding future problems. The existing hole requires restoration with traditional materials like silver amalgam and others or tooth-colored fillings, primarily when the cavity is located on the front teeth. Therefore if you are looking to have the cavity treated with composite resin fillings, you must schedule an appointment with the dentist mentioned in this article for the restoration. Getting the cavity filled helps avoid unnecessary problems and significant expenditures in the future besides the discomfort you experience.