How Often Should Children Have Dental Check-ups?

How Often Should Children Have Dental Check-ups?

Aug 20, 2023

It’s never too late to begin creating a habit of visiting the dentist with your kids. A childrens dentist near you will perform comprehensive dental check-ups that include teeth cleaning by a dental hygienist. This licensed healthcare expert will work with the dentist closely. The pediatric dentist also answers the dental health queries that you may have.

Similarly to yours, the baby teeth require professional teeth cleaning once every six months. Primary teeth have hard-to-reach areas. They are more likely to catch plaque along the gum lining. Routine cleaning of your kid helps to eradicate plaque and tartar buildup.

What is the Purpose of Dental Check-ups?

A regular dental check-up of your kid offers the following advantages:

Prevents Tooth Decay and Other Dental Issues Early

One in five kids between 5 to 11 years suffers from decay. In certain cases, the symptoms of decay, gingivitis, and other conditions can be mild and might go unnoticed. Getting your kid checked by a pediatric dentist near you helps identify the early symptoms of decay and prevent it by making a weak enamel strong. It also helps in catching other issues as early as possible. It means preventing costly dental treatments later on.

Educate You About Dental Care

The kids expert also educates parents on the best ways to enhance their dental care routine at home. It will help you and your little one keep a gorgeous smile between dental visits.

Preventive Dental Check-ups Identify Systemic Health Problems Early

Routine dental check-ups also include neck and head examinations. The pediatric dentist will check the jaws, lymph nodes, and neck for signs of illness. If the dentist notices something strange in the mouth, he/she recommends further testing by referring to a suitable medical expert.

Keep Teeth Looking Good

During a dental check-up, the professional conducts a regular cleaning on the same day. It eradicates tartar and plaque accumulation on the teeth and along the gum lining. It also minimizes the risk of staining on teeth. For this, the dentist makes cosmetic dental treatment recommendations to help the patient enhance their smile.

Detect Mouth Cancer

The kids dentist near you will evaluate your kids’ gums and teeth to detect the symptoms of oral cancer. The expert finds the dead tissue in the mouth using a special light. It is known as the VELSCOPE cancer exam, which is fast and pain-free. Visiting the dentist every six months minimizes the risk of developing late-stage mouth cancer.

Educate Your Kid About Following Proper Dental Hygiene

Most kids cannot brush on their own. For them, cleaning the nooks and corners of the molar teeth will be more difficult. Once your kid turns two years, take him/her to the nearby pediatric dental clinics. The pediatric dentist will educate your kid on why maintaining good oral hygiene is vital at an early age. He/she will help your kid pick a brush designed for their sensitive gums.

Prevents Malocclusion

Ignoring the dental health of your kid can result in malocclusion and other teeth alignment issues. Primary teeth will serve as the foundation of adult teeth. It ensures proper positioning and spacing. The pediatric dentist detects alignment issues at the earliest and helps him/her to fix the improper positioning of teeth.

Address Bad Breath Quickly

Bad dental hygiene habits can lead to bad breath in your kid. If your little one struggles with chronic halitosis, the pediatric dentist will detect the exact reason for the condition and recommend a suitable treatment.

When Your Kid Must Visit David R. Smith DDS?

According to AAPE, take your kid to the kids’ dentist twice annually. You should start it after their first tooth develops. After evaluating the condition of your kid’s mouth, he/she might ask you to fix more frequent pediatric dental visits.

Are Check-ups Necessary if My Kid Has Healthy Teeth?

Yes! Even if your kid has a healthy set of teeth, dental check-ups are crucial as other body check-ups.

Prioritize Your Kid’s Dental Health Today

If it has been a while since your little one visited the dental office, fix your appointment online at Tarpon Shore Dental – Venice office immediately. Our pediatric expert will help your little one feel at ease and ensure good dental health care.