How Do you Prepare a Tooth for a CEREC Crown?

How Do you Prepare a Tooth for a CEREC Crown?

Apr 20, 2023

If one of your teeth is cracked or damaged, your dentist might recommend a dental crown to address the situation. A dental crown is a small tooth-shaped cap that fits over your tooth. It helps hide discolored or misshapen teeth or even hide a tooth implant. A dental crown also helps protect and restore a broken, damaged, or worn-down tooth. It also holds a dental bridge in place.

There are options for choosing the type of dental crown you receive. Crowns are made from various materials, including resin, metal porcelain, on ceramic. A popular choice is the cerec crown, often made out of solid ceramic and designed and installed using computer-assisted technology.

But How Does One Prepare for Tooth for a CEREC Crown?

Before the crown procedure begins, your tooth must go through some preparations. Your dentist in Venice will ensure that your tooth is ready for the ceramic crown. Here are some details on how your dentist prepares your damaged tooth for a cerec dental crown.

  • Heavy Staining

Having discolored teeth doesn’t only come from drinking staining drinks and Foods. It also results from excessive exposure the fluoride or tooth decay. These deep staining issues can’t go away with ordinary teeth whitening treatments. For this problem, cerec helps cover the teeth up. This gives you a more standing and brighter smile.

  • Chipping

Some people have minor dental damage in the form of chipping. This is when you have a break on your tooth, but it doesn’t reach the pulp. These types of tooth damage weaken the enamel. That’s why your dentist in Tarpon Shore Dental in Venice ensures that they provide a cerec dental crown during your dental visit. The cerec dental crown helps protect your weak teeth. The crown also helps prevent tooth sensitivity or pain.

  • Fractures and Breaks

A tooth with severe fractures or breakage tends to go underneath the gum line. Also, it tends to affect the nerve of your tooth. The pulp becomes infected if the damage isn’t treated. For this case, a dentist near you must perform a root canal before the cerec crown procedure. Severe breakage or fracture is an emergency case, and your dentist can help save your tooth by visiting them immediately.

What is a Crown Prep Procedure?

A crown prep procedure can be done in either one or two dental visits. The first visit procedure involves starting and finishing the dental crown on the same day in the office, and you walk out with a new crown. The second dental visit is when you come to get a permanent crown, and your temporary crown is removed.

Before the crown procedure, your dentist takes an X-ray to check for any infection at the tip of the roots. Also, an insurance company requires an X-ray to approve the dental crown. Your dentist also takes an intraoral photo and goes over the consent form.

First visit: Examining and Preparing the Tooth

The first dental appointment takes a couple of hours or more, so you should be prepared to have a field trip to the dental office. First, Dr. C. Romesh Weerasooriya places are topical and then numbs the area.

The dental crown preparation is done by shaping your tooth a couple of millimeters to make room for the porcelain. He treats your gum tissue as a laser or packing cord around the gum so your gum moves away from the tooth structure to help capture the margins so your dentist can know exactly where the crown fits. Before the dentist scans your tooth, he ensures that the area is arid, places a lot of gauze and cotton, and then scans to ensure that he gets every detail.

Once the tooth is scanned, it’s taken over by the lab tech who designs the dental crown, which takes a few minutes. Then the crown is smiled, which takes about 16 minutes. After it’s milled, it’s tried on an X-ray to ensure all of the margins are closed and fit perfectly. The tooth is prepared with the bonding and desensitizing agent cement placed inside the dental crown and placed on the tooth. Your dentist cures that cement with ultraviolet light, and the excess cement is cleaned from around the tooth and dental crown.

Second visit: Receiving the Permanent Dental Crown

The second visit is When you are the same day crowns dentist near you removes the temporary crown and replaces it with a permanent dental crown.