How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Smile and Oral Health

How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Smile and Oral Health

Feb 08, 2021

A dental implant is a sophisticated replacement tooth that tries to replicate the tooth’s natural structure. it consists of a cylindrical titanium, screw-like post that is surgically placed into the jaw to act as the root. The post is then attached to an extension called the abutment, which will connect to the dental crown, that acts as the artificial tooth.

Dental implants can be used on anyone with one or more missing teeth. The most important qualifying criteria is that you have adequate jaw bone mass and density and that you are free from oral health complications like gum disease. even for patients without enough bone mass, advances in dentistry make it possible to have the bone reconstructed through grafting, to make it possible for you to receive implants. At Tarpon Shores Dental, you will get a personalized consultation and a dental exam to determine if dental implants are the best treatment for you.

How Do Implants Improve Your Smile?

  • They Are Permanent

Unlike other tooth replacement options that need to be repaired or replaced periodically, implants are meant to last a lifetime. The titanium post fully integrates with the jawbone, holding the tooth firmly in place. The crown that acts as the false tooth may require replacement every 15 years but the artificial root stays intact for life.

  • Implants Resemble Natural Teeth

The best thing about getting your implants in Englewood is that they restore full function of the missing teeth. it is also impossible for people to tell the difference between your natural teeth and the implant. you get back complete chewing power since the tooth is replaced at the root and is not just sitting on top of the gums. You will also be to speak naturally and easily and smile with confidence. The crown is usually matched to the shape, size and color of your existing teeth for a complete natural look.

  • Easy to Care For

Good thing with implants is that they do not require any special maintenance. You just need to care for them, the same way you would care for your natural teeth. Brush at least twice a day, floss daily and make routine dental check-ups and hygienist appointments. If you are not sure on how to floss an implant tooth, ask your dentist for help. Good dental hygiene helps prevent buildup of harmful bacteria in the mouth, which is very important. However, the material from which dental implants are made cannot decay, so you won’t have to worry about having cavities in u implants.

  • Prevents Bone Loss

When you lose a tooth, there a gap left on the jaw. This empty space prevents stimulation of the jaw bone and with time, if the tooth is not replaced, the bone in the area loses its volume. Dentists in Englewood indicate that you lose about 25% of bone volume within the first year of losing tooth, and this continues over the years. With tie you will start to experience effects like facial sagging and premature aging.

While tooth replacement should help prevent bone loss, not all replacement options are effective. Dentures for instance can worsen bone loss, especially if they are ill-fitting and because they do not offer any kind of stimulation to the jaw bone.

  • Are Convenient and Comfortable

When compared to other tooth replacement options like dentures, you will not have to worry about embarrassing slippage or being overly conscious when speaking, laughing or eating in public. Unlike dentures that may shift and slip in your mouth, implants are firmly in your jaw where they fuse with the bone, so that they cannot fall out.

When dental implants are placed by a qualified dentist like Dr. Amy Valenti, the results will be successful and satisfying. Take time to learn what they are all about and also let your dentist address all your concerns before you get to make a decision. Implants are versatile, durable and restore your teeth and smile for a lifetime. As long as you are a good candidate for the procedure, you will enjoy all the benefits it offers your oral health.