How Can We Stop Oral Cancer in the Initial Stage?

How Can We Stop Oral Cancer in the Initial Stage?

Feb 01, 2022

If you wish to stop oral cancer in its initial stage, the optimal method you can adopt is to remain proactive with your oral health to ensure you never fall prey to this condition. The techniques you must adopt are not challenging and merely require you to follow the precautionary steps mentioned in this article.

Oral Cancer Precautionary Tips

  • Firstly you must avoid tobacco products in all forms, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, snuff, vaping, et cetera. The longer you have been using tobacco, and the frequency of your use makes you at greater the risk of head and neck cancer.
  • If you favor a drink in the evening or at any time, use alcohol in moderation without indulging yourself in excess.
  • Shield your lips from harsh sunlight if you spend plenty of time outdoors.
  • Many people are getting diagnosed with oral cancer because of HPV. Therefore get yourself vaccinated for HPV as a precautionary measure.
  • Do not avoid six-monthly meetings with your dentist for cleanings and exams.

How to Detect Oral Cancer?

If you are proactive with your oral hygiene and schedule six monthly appointments with the dental office in Venice for checkups and cleanings, the dental professional also evaluate your oral cavity for oral cancer. Whether you have oral cancer or not, the dentist examines all areas of your mouth, neck, head, chin, tongue, et cetera, looking for signs of precancerous or cancerous lesions. If they detect any, they recommend additional tests to confirm whether anomalies exist in your mouth. Therefore the optimal method to detect oral cancer is to visit your dentist every six months to receive oral cancer screening as a complementary evaluation during a routine checkup.

Information You Must Have about Oral Cancer

Below are some essential factors you must know about oropharyngeal cancer and oral cavity cancer. They are:

  • Men are generally likely to get diagnosed with oral cancer than women.
  • A steady increase is noticed in patients under 50. However, oral cancer can occur in young adults in their 20s and 30s.
  • Patients surviving an oral cancer diagnosis early are at a higher risk of developing cancer again, with the increased risk lasting for 5 to 10 years.
  • A biopsy is essential to diagnose oral and oropharyngeal lesions or tumors correctly.
  • A biopsy can reveal different types of cancer in one part of the body. However, each type of cancer may have other causes and treatments.
  • An increased risk of neck and head cancer exists in patients who have had organ transplants or are recommended immunosuppression medicines.

If you are affected by this condition, you can receive oral cancer treatment in Venice, FL, because cancers of the oral cavity are treatable even if they are detected in later stages. In addition, survival rates for oral cancers have improved over the last decade. In reality, some cancers currently have survival rates of 80 to 90 percent after three years. However, it shouldn’t encourage you to neglect the precautionary tips mentioned earlier. Still, it should instead make you understand oral and oropharyngeal cancers are preventable with healthy lifestyle choices and sensible self-care.

Warning Signs of Oral Cancer

Generally, you may develop the symptoms of oral cancer, which you may think are normal but may find to your surprise, they are different. The warning signs include:

  • Bleeding from your mouth lasting over a week.
  • Persistent sores in the mouth that don’t heal.
  • Persistent pain in the mouth lasting for weeks.
  • Numbness in your lower lip and chin.
  • Smokers experiencing dramatic voice changes.
  • Lumps growing slowly in the mouth or the neck.

If you experience any of the mentioned symptoms, do not hesitate to seek attention even from the emergency dentist in Venice with the training needed to detect the signs of oral cancer. If they notice anything suspicious, they refer you to an ENT specialist or head and neck surgeons to confirm the diagnosis and begin treatment immediately.

So long as you receive regular oral care from Dr. Eros Chaves, including six-monthly exams and cleanings, rest assured the professional will evaluate your oral cavity for cancers besides checking for signs of tooth decay and gum disease. Oral cancer, if detected early, delivers the best outcomes from the treatment provided by specialists in the business.

If you are concerned about oral cancer risks and wish to prevent the condition altogether, we recommend you schedule an appointment with Tarpon Shores Dental — Venice to ensure your mouth is free from any problems.