Gift Yourself Whitened Teeth During Christmas

Gift Yourself Whitened Teeth During Christmas

Dec 07, 2020

Christmas holidays are the few moments we travel across the country to celebrate with our families since it is a special day. On such a special occasion, all you want is to smile without feeling insecure about your appearance.

Tooth decay, poor oral hygiene, smoking, and some medications can stain or discolor your teeth, making you feel uncomfortable when talking to people, especially guests at family events. Discolored or stained teeth can affect your self-confidence and esteem as well as reduce your joy during the Christmas celebrations.

However, you can get to enjoy Christmas celebrations without feeling conscious about your smile. With tooth whitening treatments, you can achieve a white and sparkly smile that many people would wish to have.

Teeth Whitening Options

When you seek professional teeth whitening treatment, your dentist will first check your teeth to check how severely stained or discolored your teeth are. Your dentist will then recommend a teeth bleaching technique depending on your conditions. For white teeth, your dentist can recommend in-office or home-based treatments.

In-Office Treatments

If your teeth have experienced or severe tooth decay, the dentist will recommend in-office treatments for white teeth. In the dental office, you can choose between deep bleaching or zoom whitening techniques.

Deep bleaching entails using peroxide bleaches to remove superficial stains on your teeth. During the dental whitening procedure, the dentist in Venice, FL, will apply the peroxide bleach on the teeth and leave it on for up to 15 minutes. After fifteen minutes, you will achieve desirable results. However, the dentist can recommend more whitening sessions for dramatic results.

If your teeth have deep stains, especially due to injuries, the dentist can recommend the zoom tooth whitening technique. During the zoom whitening procedure, the dentist applies a peroxide-based bleaching gel or rinse on your teeth and passes a special light over the teeth.

The laser enables the bleaching agent to penetrate your enamels and eliminate deep stains. The Zoom whitening procedure takes up to 30 minutes, depending on the number of teeth that need whitening. For dramatic results, your dentist might recommend more whitening procedures. However, the results of the first tooth whitening procedure will be desirable.

Home-Based Treatments

If you have mild to moderately stained teeth, your dentist might recommend home-based whitening techniques. Unlike in-office treatments, the home-based ones take a long time before you achieve dramatic results. Some of the home-based tooth whitening techniques that Dr. Scott Thompson might recommend to improve your smile include:

  • Tray-based whiteners. If you have mild or moderate staining and discoloration on your teeth, the dentist can recommend mouthguard-like dental trays with whitening gels to improve the shade of your teeth.
  • Whitening strips and gels. When you choose home-based treatments, the dentist might recommend whitening gels or strips which contain low concentrations of peroxide. The dentist can recommend you use the gels and strips once daily for desirable results.
  • Whitening toothpaste. All types of toothpaste have whitening effects on your teeth since they contain mild abrasives. However, there are types of toothpaste that contain low concentrations of bleaching agents to eliminate mild stains.

Why Choose It?

By choosing whitening techniques for your teeth, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Customized treatments to give your teeth a bright and white sparkle according to your preferences
  • Whitening your teeth is a safe procedure and has no side effects since the dental bleaching systems are tested and approved by the national board of dentists
  • By receiving whitening treatments for your teeth, you boost your self-confidence and esteem
  • As we strive to maintain the whitening effects on our teeth, we focus on oral hygiene, improving our dental health
  • It is easy to take care of whitened teeth

Aftercare Tips

The results you get after receiving treatments to whiten your teeth are not permanent. Therefore, you should some aftercare tips provided by your dentist to maintain the results. At Tarpon Shores Dental, our dentist recommends the following:

  • Brushing and flossing your teeth daily to prevent the accumulation of plaque and tartar on your teeth surfaces
  • Regular dental cleanings
  • Follow-up appointments for retouches
  • Avoid drinking beverages that cause teeth staining, such as coffee, grape juice, and red wine
  • Quit smoking or using any tobacco products since they can cause discoloration