Does Invisalign® Work Permanently?

Does Invisalign® Work Permanently?

May 08, 2023

What Is Invisalign?

It is an orthodontic treatment featuring clear, plastic aligner trays to move teeth into their proper positions gradually. The aligners are custom-made for the uniqueness of your mouth using 3D imaging technology. Due to their material, Invisalign® near you is a nearly invisible dental appliance, making it a popular choice among people who want to straighten their teeth without the noticeable appearance of traditional metal braces. Invisalign can be used to correct a variety of dental issues, including crowded teeth, gapped teeth, overbite, underbite, and crossbite.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign works by applying controlled pressure on your teeth for a prolonged period. Therefore, your orthodontist must customize a plastic-like tray that fits snugly to apply the needed pressure. Usually, they employ 3D imaging to take 3D images of your teeth that can create a customized treatment plan. These images will further help develop a series of aligners that will move your teeth in small, incremental steps.

The first portion of the treatment runs for between four to six weeks. The dentist in 34223 will have you wear the first tray of clear aligners continuously during the first few weeks of beginning your orthodontic treatment. After this, visit the dental clinic again for a new set of aligners. The new ones will feel more fitted than the previous ones as they apply the pressure necessary for effectiveness. You will repeat these steps severally throughout your treatment. In the end, you will have gotten about 30 to 32 trays of clear aligners at Tarpon Shores Dental – Englewood.

​Do You Sleep with Invisalign?

Generally, it is necessary to wear Invisalign near you when you sleep. You will not experience much discomfort since the aligners are customized to fit like a glove. Still, it may take some getting used to before you are truly comfortable with sleeping with the clear braces.

​Is It Ok to Not Wear Invisalign for A Few Hours?

Yes. One of the reasons why many patients gravitate toward Invisalign in Englewood, FL, is because they are removable. Therefore, you will not need to wear your clear aligners every day. However, there is a caveat. C. Romesh Weerasooriya will tell you that Invisalign Work best when worn for a predetermined period. Usually, you need to wear your clear aligners for between 20 and 22 hours daily. It leaves you with about 2-4 hours daily that you can be without your aligners. Ideally, these should be within the hours you ear and clean your clear aligners in the day.

The wear time for invisible braces is necessary for the optimal effectiveness and success of the realignment treatment. The reason is that the treatment largely relies on continuous pressure on teeth to cause them to shift.

Is Invisalign Faster Than Braces?

​Dentists in Englewood, FL, will tell you that Invisalign works faster than traditional metal braces. Ideally, the treatment time of Invisalign can vary depending on the severity of the issue being addressed but typically ranges from 6 to 18 months. However, this would only work well if you wear your clear aligners for the prescribed period every day. Besides, other factors like the complexity of the misalignment impact the speed of the treatment.

​Will the Results Be Permanent?

​It can feel like an overwhelmingly long time to be under orthodontic treatment with clear braces. However, the continual changes you notice in your teeth’ position will motivate you to get through the few months of treatment.

Usually, the results of any orthodontic treatment are long-term. Follow all your orthodontist’s recommendations so you never have to worry about your teeth shifting back to their original positions. One of those crucial recommendations is wearing a retainer after removing the invisible braces.

A retainer is an orthodontic appliance that holds teeth in place to prevent them from shifting. After removing braces, you need a retainer to keep your teeth steady. Although some retainers are permanent, some are removable. Be intentional to keep wearing our retainers after orthodontic treatment if you want your results to be permanent. If not, you may need to visit your orthodontist for retreatment with Invisalign. The good news is that you will not need adjustment protocols like the first time.