Dental Implant Restoration Options

Dental Implant Restoration Options

Aug 01, 2022

Diseases like gum disease, cavities and physical injury lead to loss and this may leave you wondering what is the next course of action. Thanks to advancements in technology, it has become easier for dentists to replace missing teeth. One of the options that dentist 34285 can use is dental implants. Dental implants offer an anchor for removable teeth to match the remaining natural teeth. This article will help you choose the right dental implant restoration options for you.

Replace a Single Missing Tooth with a Dental Crown

A single implant restoration is used to replace a missing tooth or replace a tooth that has weak roots. The dentist near you will insert a titanium screw into the jawbone and attach a crown to the affected tooth for this option. It is important for Amy Valenti DMD to use a screw as it offers support to the crown and acts as the new root. One advantage of this dental implant replacement option is that the single dental implants are durable for a lifetime and are more pleasing to the eye than bridges and dentures. Take note that the implant’s durability is determined by how well you take care of your teeth.

Replace Several Missing Teeth with a Bridge or Partial Denture

Before we can talk about how the dentist replaces missing teeth with a bridge or partial denture, the patient needs to know the difference before walking into the dental office in Venice. The first difference between a partial denture and a bridge is that a dental bridge is a fixed appliance, whereas a partial denture is a removable appliance. Both a bridge and a partial denture are used to replace missing teeth.

An accident can leave you with several missing teeth, and this is why it is recommended to visit the emergency dentist in Venice so that they can try and save as many teeth as possible. During the procedure of replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge, the dentist will put crowns on the affected teeth on either side of the gap and then join the two crowns by placing a false tooth in the gap. After that, special adhesives are used to cement the false tooth in place, and it is important to note the dental bridge cannot be removed.

When it comes to replacing missing teeth with partial dentures, the dentist must first ensure that all your remaining teeth are healthy and stable, meaning they don’t have weak roots. This is important as the natural teeth offer support for the partial denture, and therefore the teeth need to be healthy enough.

After this, the dentist takes impressions of your teeth so that the partial denture can be made. Next, the impressions are taken to the lab so that a custom-fit denture with teeth that match the shape and color of the patient’s natural teeth is designed. Before you can get the dentist to fix the dental implants near you, you may be required to visit the dentist for a preliminary try in stage before the final partial denture are designed.

When the partial denture is made, you are given the partial denture for a fit in and at this stage, it is important to notify the dentist if there are rough spots or if the denture just does not fit in right. It is imperative to tell your dentist about the named issues, as failure to do so can negatively impact your teeth.

A Full Denture to Replace All of the Teeth in Your Upper or Lower Arch

This dental replacement option is used when you have several, if not most, of your teeth missing either in your upper or lower jaw. This option requires support from your gum pad, and a special adhesive is used to attach the denture in place.

One advantage of full-arch dentures is that the dentist can craft the denture to offer all the characteristics that the patient desires.

There are implant-supported dentures which are an optimal solution for patients who have lost their upper or lower teeth. This procedure is like getting a new set of permanent teeth.

Don’t let missing teeth be the reason you cannot smile among your friends; visit Tarpon Shore Dental, Venice, and our dentists will have a look at your teeth, treat any disease and install the dentures you desire.