All on 4 Implants: Will My Results Appear Natural?

All on 4 Implants: Will My Results Appear Natural?

Nov 01, 2022

The all-on-4 technique utilizes merely four dental implants to secure a complete prosthetic arch to restore beautiful and natural-looking smiles in patients without teeth. The structure of the implants resembles natural teeth to help give this treatment modality a lifelike appearance. After the dentist, Venice, FL, embeds the dental implant in your jaw, it functions like your artificial tooth root after the surrounding bones osseointegrate with it.

The implants embedded in your jawbone support dentures similar to your tooth roots supporting your crown. Therefore patients seeking all-on-4 implant treatment get a smile that doesn’t merely look natural but also feels identical.

Does the All-on-4 Treatment Actually Work?

Many patients have received the all-on-4 treatment and are pleased with the results they offer them. The mini implants inserted in the jawbone help hold a complete arch of teeth in the upper or lower jaw, providing natural-looking artificial teeth that function and feel natural. Although the procedure requires surgery from dental implants near you, they give a set of permanent teeth that merely need brushing and flossing like natural teeth. In addition, the dentures don’t need adhesives. As the prosthetics don’t press on your gums, they offer a higher comfort level and enable you to bite with force required to eat your favorite foods. In addition, the implants prevent jawbone resorption and restore facial features. When you benefit from the above, you will confirm that all on four technique undoubtedly works better than other replacement solutions.

What If the All 4 Doesn’t Work, and You Ask Yourself, “Does the All on 4 Really Appear Natural”?

Dentistry is evolving regularly, and new innovations are often coming into the market. While all four appear natural and convince you of their abilities, you can always question your decision if you come across a better solution later. However we are convinced you will not consider another solution to replace the teeth you got with the all-on-4 technique.

What Do All on 4 Feel like?

All four dental implants with a complete arch of artificial teeth will resemble your natural teeth and feel similarly. You and everyone around will never realize you have a set of artificial teeth in your mouth because after you get the customized dental prosthetic placed, it restores your mouth’s functionality and smiles to make you and everyone believe you never lost your natural teeth. Therefore if you have concerns on this subject, you can discuss them with the Venice dentist, who will happily show pictures of satisfied patients with all their teeth replaced using the all-on-four technique.

What Is the Average Cost of Permanent Dentures?

The average prices for fixed dental prosthetics with the all-on-four technique range between $ 18,000-$ 24,000 depending on how many implants you need, bone grafting, and the appointments for IV sedation. Many parents without teeth suffer from jawbone deterioration or have infections that need treatments before getting implants placed. Therefore all fees are discussed by the Venice dentist during your first consultation to get replacement teeth.

Are All on Four Implants Removable?

No, all on 4 implants remain fixed in your mouth, held securely by the four implants embedded in your jawbone. If you must have them removed for any reason, you must schedule another appointment with the Venice dentist for a separate surgical procedure for the removal. After osseointegrating with your jawbone, the implants function as artificial tooth roots for all your teeth instead of a single tooth. With the all-in-four technique, you don’t have to remove the dentures for storage or cleaning and worry about cleansing solutions to soak them at night after removal. Instead, you can get your teeth held by all on four dental implants to remain securely in your mouth after you brush and floss them at night before getting into bed.

How Painful Are All on 4 Dental Implants?

When seeking all on four implant placement treatment from the dental office in Venice, FL, you deal with a qualified dental Surgeon with sufficient experience in providing such dental prosthetics for people without teeth in their mouths. Therefore you can discuss your concerns with the professional before you commit to the procedure and decide the treatment is optimal for replacing your missing teeth.

Although surgical procedures are painful, the surgeon Shanaka L Weerasooriya provides anesthesia and sedation to help calm your fears and ensure you experience no discomfort during the surgical procedure. However, you will undoubtedly encounter some post-operative discomfort comfortably manageable using over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers. In addition, the all-on-4 technique helps alleviate the pain you experience from missing teeth by restoring your mouth’s functionality and your smile. Therefore it helps if you prepare for your surgery by making inquiries with the surgeon about the pain you might experience and how you can recover from it without complications.

If you need a complete arch of teeth replaced, you don’t have to worry about dentures or getting individual dental implants for every tooth. Instead, you can contact Tarpon Shores Dental in Venice, providing all on 4 implants to help you replace your missing teeth in the upper or lower arch by getting merely four implants in your mouth.