Jun 26, 2019

Thinking twice before you skip your routine visit with your dentist in Venice can reduce your risk of developing serious illnesses and diseases. Recent research has discovered that your mouth is more connected to the rest of your body than you originally thought. With these new links, it’s even more important to protect yourself by fortifying your oral health. Learn what the research says and how you can ward off illness this Oral Health Awareness Month below.

How is your oral and overall health connected?

Over the past decade, researchers have conducted various studies that have connected oral health problems such as gum disease to diseases and illnesses found throughout the body. Because your mouth comes into contact with everything you eat as well as your hands, it houses a variety of bacteria, both harmful and good.

When you practice great oral hygiene, you can help your body defend itself against these harmful bacteria. However, when you don’t, it can cause your mouth to become infested with them and lead to several oral health issues like cavities, infections, and perhaps the most serious, gum disease.

One out of every two adults in America is affected by gum disease, which is caused by accumulated bad oral bacteria. These bacteria can release inflammation-causing toxins that get into your bloodstream and travel throughout your body to areas such as your respiratory system and heart.

What health conditions are linked to your oral hygiene?

When harmful oral bacteria impact parts of your body, they can cause various diseases and health conditions, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Respiratory problems
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s disease

These are only a few conditions that have been connected to gum disease. Other ones include osteoporosis, HIV, and endocarditis. Because gum disease impacts so many people, it’s important to get it treated before it’s too late. When caught in its early stages, your dentist can reverse the symptoms. If it’s left untreated, it can result in detrimental consequences such as tooth loss and increase your risk of developing other problems.

ow can you protect your wellbeing?

Protecting your overall health isn’t as hard as it may seem. The best way to keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape is to practice good oral hygiene by brushing twice each day and flossing at least once a day. You can also rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash to help remove food particles trapped in hard-to-reach places of your mouth.

The best way to ease any worries that you may have this Oral Health Awareness Month is to visit your dentist your routine checkup and cleaning. Your professional is trained to specifically spot and treat symptoms and prevent them from progressing into bigger issues. Taking care of yourself means more than just eating healthy and exercising, it also means keeping up with your hygiene routine!

About the Author

Dr. Scott Thompson places special emphasis on giving his patients access to complete, ethical, and reliable dental health care. He strives to provide his patients with the knowledge and treatments they need to maintain healthy and happy smiles for years to come. By providing individualized care and getting to know everybody that walks through his doors, he’s able to help his patients feel comfortable and well taken care of. For questions or to schedule a routine checkup and cleaning, visit Tarpon Shores Dental’s website or contact 941-451-5849.