Jun 20, 2020

Although new information is being provided weekly (if not daily!) about the novel COVID-19 virus, the importance of social distancing has remained a constant. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believe that enforcing the 6-foot distance may have prevented up to 185,000 deaths! Therefore, grocery stores, banks, and even your dentist have re-designed their daily operations during the current pandemic. If you find yourself struggling to refrain from handshakes and hugs, your dentist in St. Armand’s shares three no-contact greetings you can use at your next visit.

The “Live Long And Prosper” Salute

When Spock first used the “Live Long and Prosper” salute in the popular Star Trek franchise back in the 1960s, it became an instant phenomenon. While initially, it was a form of a blessing gesture in this unique universe, fans of the series have been using it as a greeting ever since! Nearly five decades later, it is the perfect no-contact hello that allows you to show off your personality while also maintaining a 6-foot distance.

An Air High-five

Did you know roughly 1,500 bacteria are living on each square centimeter of the skin on your hands? Yikes! While a brief tap of your palm with someone else’s may seem insignificant, it can quickly spread germs and viruses from person to person. Therefore, opt for an air high-five during this novel pandemic. That way, you can celebrate or congratulate someone without breaching social distancing guidelines.

A Smile and Wave

Although flashing your smile isn’t anything new, it is the perfect greeting at your dental appointment. After all, your entire dental team is united by their mission to provide you with a healthy, beautiful smile that makes you feel confident enough to flash your pearly whites! Plus, when you add a friendly wave it, becomes the perfect way to say hello.

At first, saying hello from a six-foot distance can seem uncomfortable and awkward. However, with the above no-contact greetings you can show your enthusiasm for seeing your dental team without compromising your safety. From there, you can get the oral care you need to have a pristine smile for years to come!

About the Author

In addition to achieving a Mastery Level status at the Seattle Institute for Advanced Dental Education, Dr. Shanaka L. Weerasooriya also graduated from the prestigious Misch International Implant Institute. He is currently a member of the CEREC Doctors and multiple prestigious dental organizations, including the American Dental Association. If you would like to speak with Dr. Weerasooriya about how he is using his expertise to keep his patients safe during COVID-19, please visit his website or give him a call at 941-256-7559.