3 Situations that Need a Trip toan Emergency Dentist

3 Situations that Need a Trip toan Emergency Dentist

Jan 01, 2023

Although you can wait till the appointment for numerous tooth injuries, other situations might need emergency dental care. So when you deal with a serious dental issue outside office hours, visit the emergency dentist without delay. It is also pivotal to ensure good dental hygiene practices. Each skilled dentist in Venice can diagnose and treat emergency conditions fast to offer pain relief.

When to See an Emergency Dentist?

If you are dealing with the following situations, you need help from an emergency dentist Venice:

Knocked Out or Extremely Loose Tooth

Knocked-out teeth are a medical emergency. The sooner you reimplant it, the more chances you have to embed it on its own into the gums. When the baby tooth has been knocked-out, avoid reimplanting it yourself because you might damage the adult tooth developing underneath it. It’s best to book a visit to the emergency dental clinic.

The emergency dentist near you will offer the treatment you require immediately. If the knocked-out tooth is adult, put it back in its place and visit the dentist as soon as possible. If putting the adult tooth back in its place is impossible, try to place it in the milk. On the other hand, extremely loose teeth can fall out from the socket and need emergency dental service.

When this happens, it requires quick replacement to avoid problems such as changes to the facial structure, misalignment of leftover teeth, etc. Your teeth can become extremely loose due to tooth decay, trauma, or gum disease. The dentist treats a loose tooth by using a splint and attaching it to the teeth nearby it. It will help to hold the loose tooth in its position and allows rebonding with the nearby bone structure.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Teeth can become damaged due to many reasons. When the damage is severe, the only way to fix it is to visit the emergency dentist near you. In the meantime, you can get relief by protecting the cracked or chipped tooth and the inside of the mouth to avoid further injuries.

Few chips and cracks do not show any symptoms or show symptoms that may be confused for sensitivity, periodontal disease, or cavities. Deep cracks can even extend down to the tooth root or pulp chamber. When the tooth damage is wider and deeper, it needs more extensive and prompt treatment.

Untreated tooth damage results in the need for root canal therapy, loss of the tooth, or other complications. The sharp edges of the cracked tooth could also cut the soft tissues. It causes infection, more pain, and expensive treatment. The dentist will diagnose the severity of damage by checking the tooth with or without a magnifying glass. He/she may also use X-rays or bite tests.

Dental Infections

Tooth infections (dental abscesses) are infections that begin inside the tooth and can spread to the other major organs like the brain (which can be dangerous) quickly through the oral cavity. This endodontic infection is caused by bacteria, which can be due to dental trauma, cracks, or tooth decay.

The risk of dental infection increases once the tooth pulp chamber gets compromised. Remember, when the bacterial infection occurs in the mouth, a pus pocket will form. It is called a dental abscess. The abscess may occur around the roots of the infected tooth or gum tissues nearby it.

The dentist 34285 will address the dental infection using a root canal treatment. But if the case is serious, he/she may perform tooth pulling. It can cause unbearable pain and other dental complications.

Some symptoms of dental abscesses that need emergency dental care include foul taste, serious pain while chewing food, gum inflammation, and sensitivity. The dentist may recommend drainage of pus.

For this, the expert will cut into the pus pocket and drain it gently. Then, he/she will eliminate the necrotic tissues and disinfects the region. The dentist may also administer antibiotic medication to give relief from infection pain.


Dental emergencies include problems that demand immediate dental care. These might be a tooth infection or a knocked-out tooth. Therefore, never overlook if you experience the symptoms mentioned above. Visit the Tarpon Shore Dental – Venice as soon as possible for emergency treatment. It will help you prevent further damage to the gums and teeth.