Mar 03, 2022

Our gums play a vital role in maintaining our dental structure. Unhealthy gums can be dangerous to your dental and general health. Over the years, studies have shown that people who suffer from gum diseases do not take proper care of their gums. This article will help you learn the importance of taking your gum health seriously. Kindly read along.

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease or gum infection is a problem that affects the gum tissues. When the gums become inflamed or irritated, they are said to be infected and require immediate attention from a dentist or periodontist (a dentist specializing in treating and diagnosing gum diseases). Gum disease can either be at its mild stage or advanced stage. The mild stage of gum disease is gingivitis. At this stage, the infection is not yet severe. However, if the dentist does not urgently treat the gum infection, it can worsen, thereby endangering your dental health. It can easily extend to your general health too, and that’s why you need to see a dentist near you regularly.

Unless you are the type that visits your dentist regularly, you might not notice the symptoms of gingivitis until it has gotten worse. A regular dental examination goes a long way in preventing gum diseases and other dental illnesses. However, if you are very attentive to your gum health, you might as well notice sudden changes that might occur in your dental structure.

The following are signs of gingivitis:
o Puffy gums
o Sore gums
o Bad breath
o Foul taste
o Bleeding gums that occur whenever you floss or brush
o Change in gum color (Darkish red color)

Neglected Gum Disease Can Lead To Periodontitis

At the advanced stage, gum disease is periodontitis. Periodontitis is the worse stage of gum disease. The damages caused by the gum disease are mostly irreversible at this stage, even after receiving treatment. That is why urgent treatment is often recommended for gum diseases, especially early.

You might notice the following symptoms if you have developed periodontitis:
o Loosened teeth can occur due to the gum losing its firmness. This can eventually lead to tooth loss.
o Enlarged gums with irregular deep pockets.
o Persistent tooth pain when chewing.
o Mouth odor or metallic taste inside the mouth
o Receding gums

It would be best if you got periodontal therapy near you before your symptoms get to this stage.

The following stated below are three significant reasons you should pay attention to your gum health. You can always consult Shanaka. L. Weerasooriya to understand more about gum health and the risks associated with neglecting important oral hygiene. Please read further!

Gum Health Is Important For Heart Health

Periodontitis is a gum infection, and infections have a way of spreading to other parts of the body if they go untreated or poorly treated. A healthy heart is not guaranteed with an untreated gum infection. The infection eats deep into other parts of the dental structure and travels to the heart and other body organs through the bloodstream.

Although gum disease is not the only cause of heart problems, you can protect your heart and reduce the risks of heart diseases by properly caring for your oral health.

Gum Disease Can Lead To Tooth Loss

As an adult, tooth loss is not normal. It is different from when you used to lose your baby teeth so that the permanent teeth can grow out. In adults, another permanent tooth can never erupt again. If you have a missing tooth, you can seek help by consulting your dentist in Englewood.

There are various reasons why a person can suffer from tooth loss. People can suffer from tooth loss due to various dental illnesses and gum diseases top on this list. When gum disease is left unattended, the gums will begin to shrink and lose their firmness. Over time, if the person does not get adequate gum treatment, the tooth will become loose as the gum can no longer hold the tooth firmly, and eventually, tooth loss might not be inevitable. See a dentist in 34223 to help reduce your risks of tooth loss.